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Title: Introduction to Dyscalculia and Dynamo Maths Webinar

Target Audience: Primary School SENCOs, Inclusion Managers, Specialist Teachers and Teaching Assistants.
Time: 35 - 45 minutes session online
  Webinar designed to get your school started.
Agenda: Introduction to NumberSenseMMR™ Framework
  Dynamo Assessment
  Dynamo Intervention
  SEN Support Tools
  Implementation Strategies

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Training sessions are subject to Dynamo Maths consultant availability.


Title: Developmental dyscalculia and co-occurring disorders using the Dynamo Maths programmes.

Target Audience: Primary School SENCOs, Inclusion Managers, Specialist Teachers and Teaching Assistants.
Time: 3 - hour training
  Training can be organised for a group of up to 20.
Ideally, the school ICT suite with access to the internet will be a perfect setting for this training. The sessions are tailored to meet the needs of each individual school – details are discussed with the SENCO, Maths Coordinator or Headteacher prior to the visit.

• Introduction to dyscalculia

  • Recognising developmental dyscalculia
  • Dynamo Maths Assessment - Dyscalculia assessment
- assessing for dyscalculia and maths learning disorders.
- setting up an assessment
- interpreting the student's number sense profile within the NumberSenseMMR™ framework and identifying areas of difficulties.
- setting out pathways for intervention.
  • Dynamo Maths
- setting up the intervention.
- implementing the programme in school.
- engaging parents.
- monitoring progress and performance
ICT requirements: Teachers are advised to bring their laptop to the training as this will be a ‘hands-on’ training.
Outcome: By the end of the session, the teachers will:
  • have a broad appreciation of the symptoms of dyscalculia.
  • understand the impact of a good number sense development on later learning.
  • be able to set up an assessment and understand the results.
  • be able to implement the remediation
  • be able to follow and report the progress and performance of the children

£475.00 for a 3-hour session.

Availability of training sessions is subject to your location.


  Specialist Dyscalulia Training  

We also organise specific Dyscalculia subject training in topics such and NumberSense, Number Concepts, Sequencing etc. Please call our support line for any enquiries.

email: support@jellyjames.co.uk

Tel: +44 0203 113 2066



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